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Overnight Boarding

            At Dog & Company we feel you shouldn't be penalized for having a large dog or for your dog needing medication. Unlike the majority of boarding facilities that charge extra based on weight and medical needs. We never charge extra for those things.


Our boarding allows your fur baby to enjoy an interactive, cage-free environment with their caretakers and other dogs. Every dog in our program has passed a Temperament Test in order to use our services.  


Your dog will never be without a friend, even on the weekends! We will always have other furry friends for your dogs to socialize with during their stay with us. Your dog will also always be accompanied by a Dog & Company employee 24 hours a day regardless of holidays, weekends, or weekdays.

Our boarding services is offered 365 days a year.


Requirements are as follows:


  • Pick Up/Drop Off During Business Hours

  • Additional Fees Will Apply to Dogs Picked Up After 24 Hour Period

  • Bring enough food/treats for the duration of their stay.

  • If Medication is Needed, Pack The Medication Along with Specific Instructions

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